What tables are there in WordPress default database and what they store?

There are 11 tables by default in WordPress database as per given below:

  • wp_commentmeta – This table stores every comment published to your site and contains information, or metadata.
  • wp_comments – This table stores the body of the comments published to your site.
  • wp_links – This stores the name, URL, and description of all links
    you create by using the WordPress Link Manager.
  • wp_options – This stores all the option settings that you set for WordPress after you install it, including all theme and plugin option settings.
  • wp_postmeta – This includes all posts or pages published to your site and contains metadata.
  • wp_posts – This table features the body of any post or page you’ve
    published to your blog, including autosaved revisions and post option settings.
  • wp_terms – This stores the categories you’ve created for posts and links as well as tags that have been created for your posts.
  • wp_term_relationships – This stores the relationships among the
    posts as well as the categories and tags that have been assigned to
  • wp_term_taxonomy – WordPress has three types of taxonomies by default: category, link, and tag. This table stores the taxonomy associated for the terms stored in the wp_terms table.
  • wp_usermeta – This table features metadata from every user with an account on your WordPress website.
  • wp_users – The list of users with an account on your WordPress website is maintained within this table.

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