cPanel account restore

root@lborg [/home]# /scripts/restorepkg linuxorg It looks like you are trying to restore a backup for the user “linuxorg”. cPanel restorepkg version: Restricted: no Allow Reseller Privileges: no Searching for “linuxorg”’s account archive … The system will attempt to restore the archive file “/home/cpmove-linuxorg.tar.gz”. The “Reseller” restore module has the following areas disabled by request: “all”…


cPanel default service status chkconfig

cPanel, the leading standalone hosting platform used as an industry standard nowadays, have been making the lives of web hosting companies, re-sellers, website owners, and its many others users simpler and more convenient. Its major product, WHM/cPanel, is currently the most utilized platform by almost all hosting providers, all thanks to the kind of flexibility,…


cPanel account Termination summery

In this article i will cover the basics of using the cPanel account termination functions in WHM. The following is the process flow of an account termination in cPanel Account Account Removal Status: ok (linuxorg account removed) Running pre removal script (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/prekillacct)......Done Collecting Domain Name and IP...User: linuxorg Domain: ...Done Locking account and setting…

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