PHP Syllabus for self learners

PHP Basics How PHP Works The php.ini File Basic PHP Syntax PHP Tags PHP Statements and Whitespace Comments PHP Functions Hello World! Variables Variable Types Variable Names (Identifiers Type Strength Hello Variables! Variable Scope Superglobals Constants Variable-Testing and Manipulation Functions PHP Operators Creating Dynamic Pages Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes Howdy World! Flow Control Conditional … Read morePHP Syllabus for self learners


PHP Syllabus for Advance self training program

Introduction to OOPS Introduction Objects Declaring a Class The new Keyword and Constructor Destructor Access Methods and Properties Using $this keyword Public, Protected and Private Properties and Methods Static Properties and Methods Class Constants Inheritance and Code Re-Usability Polymorphism Parent : and : Self :: keyword Instance of operator Abstract Methods and Class Interface Final … Read morePHP Syllabus for Advance self training program


PHP Syllabus for self training program

Intrroduction to PHP Evaluation of PHP Basic Syntax Defining Variable and Constant PHP Data Type Operator and Expression Handling HTML Forms with PHP Capturing Form Data Dealing with Multi Valued Field Generating File Upload Form Redirecting a Form after submission Conditions and Loops Making Decisions ( if- else) For loops, While loops For each loops … Read morePHP Syllabus for self training program

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