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Laravel Installation

Composer After you’ve downloaded and installed Xampp, we need to install Composer. Composer is a PHP package manager that is integrated with Laravel Framework. In Windows we can install it easy going to the official page and download the installer. Composer Download page After install it, we can open a...

by anvar
Sep , 29

Laravel Hello World Example

Laravel Hello World After the above step, open CMD and hit the composer –version. You should receive the  Composer version information. That’s it! The setup was successful. After composer installation, Write following command in command line. composer global require “laravel/installer=~1.1” After above installation, create a directory in apache24 or xamp directory,...

by anvar
Sep , 28

Laravel Application Structure

Application Structure app − This directory contains the core code of the application. bootstrap − This directory contains the application bootstrapping script. config − This directory contains configuration files of application. database − This folder contains your database migration and seeds. public − This is the application’s document root. It...

by anvar
Sep , 27

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