History of linux

Operating System: Operating System is an interface between user and Computer (Hardware). It is the software that manages the computer hardware and provides a convenient and software environment for running programs. Operating  System is a collection of system programs, It classified into 2 types 1). CUI (Character User Interface) Ex: DOS, UNIX. 2). GUI (Graphical User … Read moreHistory of linux


50+ Linux operating system distributions list

A Linux operating system is known collectively as a distribution, which includes a wide collection of different components packaged together for specific kinds of users and needs, all free for public use. The most common Linux distribution is called Ubuntu, based on a system called Debian. Although these programs are free, they do require a … Read more50+ Linux operating system distributions list


100+ Linux system admin commands cheat sheet

There are more than 1000’s of commands in Linux. But this the most important commands which a System Admin should known. Are you ready to check your command Knowledge ? 1) date : Displays the current date. 2) cal : calender for any specific month or a complete year. 3) man : Displays the documentation … Read more100+ Linux system admin commands cheat sheet

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