Lightbox overlay images

Lightbox is small java script library used to overlay images on top of the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

  • class=”entry-title”>Add touch gesture support.

  • Rewrite animations for performance and flexibility.

  • Optimize layout for mobile.

  • Optimize layout for screens of varying densities.

  • Use inline SVG for UI elements.

  • Do not initialize automatically and allow multiple instances.

  • Add event handlers.

  • Allow the setting of options from HTML.

  • Allow instantiation with jQuery plugin syntax.

  • If one of the two options, maxWidth or maxHeight, is set, maintain aspect ratio.

  • Evaluate start, end, and transition animations.

  • Evaluate preloading and caching.

  • Evaluate droppping jQuery requirement.

  • If user attempts to go forward when at end of image set, animation (shake?) indicating the end or option to close Lightbox.


Gallery Carousel Without Jetpack WordPress Plugin

There is no doubt that JetPack packed with tons of features. However, many users don’t want all that monstrous codes in their blog for one or two modules. Also, You should connect your blog to to get the JetPack features.
I really like that Tiled Gallery with Full Screen carousel module in JetPack and don’t want other modules. That’s why I’ve made the this Tiled Gallery Carousel Without JetPack Plugin from JetPack.
Tiled Gallery with carousel will completely transform your galleries to new look and your users will love this. Tiled Gallery allows you to display image galleries in following styles, a rectangular mosaic, a square mosaic, and a circular grid.

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wordpress gallery carousel plugin in wordpress