PHP Syllabus for self training program

Intrroduction to PHP

Evaluation of PHP
Basic Syntax
Defining Variable and Constant
PHP Data Type
Operator and Expression

Handling HTML Forms with PHP

Capturing Form Data
Dealing with Multi Valued Field
Generating File Upload Form
Redirecting a Form after submission

Conditions and Loops

Making Decisions ( if- else)
For loops, While loops
For each loops
Embedding HTML With Conditions and Loops


Introduction to Functions in PHP
Define a Function
Call By Value Call by Reference
Recursive Functions


Creating and Accessing String
Searching and Replacing String
String Related Library Functions

Array in PHP

Structure of Array
Indexing and Associative Array
Accessing Array Elements
Looping Through array
Array Related Library Function

Server State Management

Using Query String
Using Hidden Fields
Using Cookies
Using Sessions

String Matching With Regular Expression

Introduction to Regular Expression
Pattern Matching Using Regular Expression
Replacing Text
Database Connectivity with MySql
Introduction to RDBMS

Connection With MySql Database

Performing Basic Operations (CRUD)
Setting Query Parameter
Executing Query
((Mini Project Authentication System))

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