php Modulus operation

What is PHP modulus operator?
we can say that modulus is the division reminder of the operation.
In this below example the remainder (the modulus, or technically, the modulo) of 5 divided by 2 is 1, it calculating by checking how much 2 in the 5 and the balance(reminder) will show.

  $a = 5;
  $b = 2;
  $c = $a % $2;
  echo $c; // Output 1

In this more real-world example, the function find() will be called whenever the variable $count divided by 1,000 is zero:

  // some code up here ...
  // php modulus operator
  if ($count % 1000 == 0)
  // more code down here ...

I do something like this when I generate the sitemap files for this website. I try to keep each sitemap file at no more than 1,000 URLs, so I use code like this to stop writing one file, and then start writing the next file.

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