7 Reasons PHP Is Preferred By Web Developers

Hypertext pre processor commonly known as PHP is a server side scripting language that was created b Rasmus Lerdoff in 1995. Since its introduction into the world f web development, its one of the most commonly used server side scripting languages. It’s estimated that over 80% of all websites using server side scripting languages use PHP. It’s also the main web development language used to build some of the popular websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is also the main language used on the WordPress content management system. All these facts point to one thing, PHP is one of the most preferred web development languages by professional web developers. But why is this so? Here are 7 reasons.

PHP is an Open source

Web developers and software programmers in generally love open source technology. It means that they won’t usually have to worry about licensing hurdles when they use a particular technology to solve specific problems. Another advantage about open source technology is that it allows the developer to be more creative. That is, a developer isn’t tied down to specific ways to solve problems using the particular language. He or she can easily create a unique solution and, contribute it to the open source community.
This is true about PHP. Since the language was introduced, it has continuously evolved. The PHP community continues to make adjustments to the language to make it more efficient, powerful and secure. Bad elements about the language are being discarded in favor of new more effective elements. These changes are what make the language attractive to most web developers.
The open source nature of PHP has also enabled the growth of a huge community, tons of documentation and support. This makes it easier for new developers to learn the language.

Easy to learn object oriented language

PHP is an object oriented language with a syntax that’s based on C\C++ and Java. However, unlike these languages which are considered difficult to learn, PHP’s syntax is easy to learn and understand.
The object oriented nature of PHP also makes it easy for developers to work together in a collaborative environment. If a web development project requires input from several PHP developers, it’s easy to break down the whole project into subtasks and assign the subtasks to individual developers.
In addition, ease of learning the language coupled with its OOP nature makes it easy to debug, test and maintain.

System independent

Every web developer has a particular operating system that they’re comfortable working on. One advantage of PHP is that its system independent. That is, you can easily install PHP on any operating system and start developing sites within a few minutes. Platform independence also means that PHP is highly portable. You can easily start coding with PHP on one system, transfer the code to another system and continue coding without needing to make any changes to your code.
The system independent nature of PHP also means that web developers have many IDEs to choose from. You can choose to use simple IDEs such as Notepad for windows or more advanced IDEs such as NetBeans.

Numerous frameworks to choose from

PHP is one of the server side scripting languages that has many frameworks to choose from. Frameworks make it easy for the web developer to build web applications fast. For the PHP developer, being able to choose among tens of free and paid for frameworks makes life a bit easier.

Easy integration with other technologies

PHP can be easily integrated with other technologies needed by a fully functioning website. On the client side, PHP code can be used alongside HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other client side technologies. On the server side, PHP runs on all servers. In addition, PHP is built to support most of the major open source and commercial databases available today.
For the we developer, this means less time trying to find appropriate technology that supports PHP in order to solve a particular problem. It also means less headaches when migrating PHP code from one technology to another.

How PHP runs

On the server, PHP runs in separate processes unlike some languages which run in a single process. This makes the language a good choice if a website is expecting to receive traffic spikes which might down the server. PHP can easily handle tons of requests seamlessly without causing a server crash.

Job availability

PHP developers are in high demand today. Worldwide, PHP ranks among the top 10 of the most sought after programming skill. Coupled with ease of learning, scalability, excellent support and ease of use; this has made PHP one of the most popular languages among web developers.

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