12 Website traffic real time monitoring widgets

Below are some real time traffic monitoring widgets, some of most live traffic feed widgets are updating their traffic reports. That means they update the views counter when someone visited your website or clear off from your website. which can be added to your website or Weblog.
More than one or two traffic analyzing widgets can be caused to decrease the page loading speed. So don’t use more widgets on your blog, since all of these widgets do the same job.Here are a few live traffic feed widgets which you can install on your website right now.
They are free to use. So you don’t need to pay any dollar to add these real time website traffic monitoring widgets.

1. www.histats.com

histats website trafic100% FREE , No service limitations (up to 10 MILLIONS hits/day)
Fast and solid network 99.99% uptime with more than 1.500.000.0000 hits tracked monthly
Full Real time statistics
Online visitors ( recent visits, most active visitors, pupular pages, popular referer, geolocation )
Unlimited traffic stats retention ( 10+ years )
Geolocation, Browser, Toolbars , Languages , Hardware info – stats & trends
Referer sites , Search engine , Social networks – stats & trends
Visited urls , Visited page titles/tags , customized events/variables , downloads/clicks – stats & trends

2. www.feedjit.com

feedjet website traficFeed jit Traffic Feed keeps the 100 most recent visitors. Drag it up with your mouse to see older visits. If the feed is in the top 30% of your page you can watch it all day and it will continue to show new hits. If it’s below the top 30% of your web page, it will stop updating after 3 minutes until you refresh the page.

3. www.footprintlive.com

footprintlive website trafic demoComplete Analytics Reporting
Are you looking for IP addresses in Google Analytics?
Would you llike to know more about your Google Analytics visitors?
Enter Footprint, the Google Analytics Companion
See real-time traffic quality and individual behavior in one click
Who’s there right now? Check your traffic in the time it takes to post a tweet.
Individual real time tracking is what Footprint was built for.
Running these two applications side-by-side will give you a complete picture of your website traffic.

4. www.supercounters.com

supercounters website traffic Here at supercounters, we offer a variety of widgets such as hit counter, flag counter, and users online counter. You can access your real-time web stats from anywhere at anytime. With our state-of-the-art dedicated server and fast network connection, your counter widgets will always be available.

5. www.freecounterstat.com

freecounterstat traffic website count Original graphics. Our contactors suit your graphics.
Original shapes and creations for all.
For all users of browsers Chrome and Opera. A free application.
Applying a useful and simple.
Our friends webmaster can submit new ideas for news web counters.
Free counter stat helps to grow.

6. www.web-stat.com

web-stat website traffic We record ALL your visitors: Most tools, such as Google Analytics, track traffic only from users who have enabled JavaScript in their browser. Web-Stat will track all your visitors, whether they use JavaScript or not.
It will work on YOUR site: Web-Stat can be installed on any web site, blog or profile. You do not need to know or understand HTML. Create a free trial and install in 5 minutes or less.

7. www.revolvermaps.com

revolvermapsHave a look at the sample on the left: Every visitor leaves an eternal dot on the 3D globe, recent visitor locations are tagged by the labels showing the flag of the country as well as city and state.
All widgets are free of charge, easy to install and customizable in size and appearance. Every widget is connected to the public live statistics page providing more detailed information on your visitors.

8. www.hitwebcounter.com

hit web counter live count  The most widely used Free internet Counter. These webpage counters are easy to use html counter. You just have to put the web counter code in to your HTML and you are ready to go. Our webpage counters do not require any registration or email sign up and all you need is just to put some web counter code to your site to start tracking hit stats on any webpage or website. This free internet counter site is totally free.
For adding the website counter from our internet counter site to your site simply select the website counter you want and then click on get code. You can than paste this code into your webpage and you are done. This counter can also be used as PHP counter and ASP counter. You can also select the number of digits you like from our web hitcounter. The maximum digits can go up to nine.
The website counter style you chooses will be shown on your site. So now feel free to add this webtracker from HitWebCounter to your site to know how many people are coming. Our Counter for blogs code if pasted on your blog will start working on any type of blog like blogspot, tumblr and wordpress and others. Also this counter can be used as a free CraigsList Counter and can be put on your Craigslist listing. More over the counter code can simply be placed into any CMS like Joomla , Drupal , WordPress and all others. So you can say it WordPress counter, Joomla Counter, Blogger Counter etc. Making Free Blog Counter to track hits is very easy and you have to go into corresponding files to paste Blog Counter code.

9. www.reliablecounter.com

reliablecounter websiteReliable counter hit counter service is truly 100% FREE and there is NO email registration required! We have been supplying free visitor counters since 2007 and are still going strong with 64,000+ satisfied users.
Reliable counter visitor counter service is very reliable and accurate. We have a selection of over 400 different styles to choose from. To view all of our different hit counter styles select a category to the left. Once you have found the style you like, click the radio button next to the preview to get your free visitor counter code! Just place the HTML code snipped on your website and you are

10. simplehitcounter.com

simple hit counterIn minutes you can download and install your own hit counter and track your website’s traffic. Select the counter style and the starting number and you will be given some very simple html code to put on your web page. Nothing more is required, no email, no passwords, no registration, its that simple!

11. amazingcounters.com

amazing countersUnlike other hit counters, we feature free web site statistics, allowing you to track your web site traffic over time. Browse real-time stats, daily traffic history for the past 30 days, weekly traffic history for the last year and overall statistics. We even have an invisible counter, so you can just use our free web counter for private stats. Click here to see sample statistics!
Easy Installation
It’s fast and easy to create your free hit counter. Just select the style and enter some basic web site information such as the URL of your site. This is all it takes to create your account. Install it on your web page by simply copying the HTML code we provide and pasting it into your web page(s) and upload the pages to your website. Click here to create your web counter!

12. http://whos.amung.us/stats/

amung website toolIf you have a website or blog, you are probably interested in seeing who visits you. Do you want to find out how many visitors are on your website? Find out where they live in the world. Check when you had the most people online. All this and more is possible

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