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5 ways to hide website’s source code

There is no actual way to hide it. Anything which a browser displays for end-users to view and interact with is accessible by anyone through source code. Server-side rendering of your code via PHP or other server-side language may help to remove from view sensitive code. HTML CSS and JavaScript are client-side languages so the…

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How to make a responsive youtube iframe video

To scale a YouTube video to fit any browser or tablet/mobile device for responsive design you can use either a CSS or Javascript solution to accomplish the goal. This example uses a CSS solution, you need to add a couple of CSS styles in your main CSS file. Here is what a typical YouTube embed…

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Avoid Google Map iframe zoom in and out of scrolling

You can simply remove the zoom in and out google map by adding an overlay. So you can solve this by putting a div with an .overlay exactly before each gmap iframe insertion, see: <html> <div class=”overlay” onClick=”style.pointerEvents=’none'”></div> <iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe> </html> In my CSS I created the class: .overlay { background:transparent; position:relative; width:640px;…

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WordPress anvar

How to write .html in wordpress url

You can write the url by .html extention by simply using the permalink in wordpress admin Step1. Login to wordpress admin Step2. Go to setting section in the admin panel. Step3. Choose the permalink in the setting menu. Step4. In Custom Structure Set the .html and category postname. Step5. Save changes. /%category%/%postname%.html

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Web developer tools website

This is website is useful to developers and blogers for their development pase and search engine optimization sections. And the website included the following tools and services. Web tool Directory HTML Parser Tool Meta tag Counter Blogger Sitemap Generator Base64 image Encoder Powerful password Generator SEO Meta tags For PHP Website’s SEO Meta tags For…

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