Anvar Freelance Web Developer

How to promote a new blog for free

Are you a beginner to blogging ? here is some tips that’s lead you to be a successful blogger. I found out the following techniques which are legal, free and working. I have gone through and verified each of the following steps and those are working well. Branding your blog 1. Try to brand your…

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400 USA Business Listing Sites list 2017

There are a ton of online business directories in United States of America (USA). Here is the list of top 400 business directories of USA in 2017. These website have high PR page ranking in United States. Here is the list of website 1 2 3 4 5 6…

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Avoid Google Map iframe zoom in and out of scrolling

You can simply remove the zoom in and out google map by adding an overlay. So you can solve this by putting a div with an .overlay exactly before each gmap iframe insertion, see: <html> <div class=”overlay” onClick=”style.pointerEvents=’none'”></div> <iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe> </html> In my CSS I created the class: .overlay { background:transparent; position:relative; width:640px;…

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WordPress anvar

How to write .html in wordpress url

You can write the url by .html extention by simply using the permalink in wordpress admin Step1. Login to wordpress admin Step2. Go to setting section in the admin panel. Step3. Choose the permalink in the setting menu. Step4. In Custom Structure Set the .html and category postname. Step5. Save changes. /%category%/%postname%.html

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